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  • Gopher Science Labs – Logo Design

    Design Process

    Gopher Science Labs – Logo Design

    Mar 29

    We had alot of fun with this logo design project for Gopher Science Lab. The brief was to design a character based logo with Gophers dressed as Scientists (guess the clue was in the title) and overall communicate fun and scientific theme with the main audience being 8 year old school children.

    Here’s some more information about the Gopher Science Lab events…

    “The Biochemical Society and the Society of Biology have teamed up to create Gopher Science Lab, an exciting, FREE, hands-on event designed especially for inquisitive primary age children who ask lots of questions.

    During the events, children participate in lots of science activities and are given opportunities to ask demonstrators tricky questions about the science behind the fun.

    Demonstrators explain tricky concepts like density and convection using house-hold items such as tea-bags, balloons and eggs. Familiar analogies and simple language aim to encourage learners’ curiosity and reduce the seven signs of bamboozlement!”
    “We needed something that would appeal to 8 year olds and engender science, curiosity and fun. Gareth has come up trumps with our lovely logo which never fails to raise a smile. Opening attachments from Gareth is a bit like Christmas.”

    We initially created two different logo designs both including mad looking Gopher characters and science themed graphics.


    Initial Logo Design Concept No: 1


    Initial Logo Design Concept No: 2


    Chosen concept and refinement


    Final Identity Design

    We’ve also had the pleasure of working on a variety of Science and Engineering themed projects of late, from CaSE Brand Identity Design and also on great going projects like I’m a Scientist and I’m an Engineer amongst others.


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