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  • How Google’s Spiders Crawl and Index Web Pages – Infographic


    How Google’s Spiders Crawl and Index Web Pages – Infographic

    Jan 06

    When it comes to search engines we all know that Google is the top dog, they have indexed over 40 billion web pages and counting. In order to understand more about how Google goes about crawling and indexing pages Quicksprout have put together a handy infographic to explain the whole process.
    An understanding of how web pages are indexed can help you understand SEO and ultimately how your website can rank better in Google’s search engines.

    Google crawls the web using software called ‘Spiders’ these mimic how a person might browse the web, these ‘Spiders’ move from page to page and attempt to find and index every web page. These ‘crawls’ can happen between several times a day up to once every 6 months, find out more in the infographic below..


    How Google Crawls and Indexes Web Pages
    Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

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