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  • G20 Voice – Logo design

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    G20 Voice – Logo design

    Mar 07

    G20 Voice - Logo design
    Dot Design were recently approached by Gallomanor to design the G20 Voice logo.

    G20Voice is a selection of 50 bloggers who will be inside the London Summit to connect the world with the G20 world leaders and will have the chance to ask questions about the issues important to them…
    G20Voice is a project that Gallomanor have been managing for a number of non-profit organisations – Comic Relief, Save the Children, Oxfam GB.

    The Summit Day is on April 2nd and they are running a 3 day event with a briefing and analysis day either side of that date. G20 Voice want people to nominate who they think should be the voice of the world at the G20 Summit.
    More information is at www.g20voice.org and also make sure you follow G20 Voice on Twitter

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    Indeed, the speech bubble is “the” graphic meme for communicating openness, communicative, responsive and participatory. But wondering about the coherence of this design argument. Wondering if 50 bloggers is really enough to give “the world” a look inside the mysterious chambers of G20 leaders?
    As we all know, civil society and the general public are “not allowed” into the summits. What goes on inside the summit, and how it’s presented and perceived outside, are managed by carefully crafted press releases. Journalists who attend press conferences are hand-picked. And now, there seem to be 50 bloggers making this inside-outside connection. I’d be curious to know how they were chosen, who chose them and why.


    Thanks for your comments, glad you like the work!
    Gareth Coxons last blog post..Designers / Creatives grow better in the South West


    i think that is a pretty sharp logo, simple yet expressive. good work.

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