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 Eagle Clean Logo Design

The logo design cleverly makes use of two yellow marigolds folded in order to create the impression of wings hence the name ‘Eagle Cleaning’. Rarely does is this industry take it’s branding and identity seriously so its refreshing to see this sort of solution.

The website features a flash animation of a marigold covered hand cleaning the screen as you view, you can also download a screensaver.

I really think this shows a company who are making the most of the opportunity to communicate a memorable, professional and tongue in cheek image to its potential customers and clients and the design team have done a great job.

This really does show that any industry is open to employ the skills of a designer/design agency to maximise their identity.

If anyone know which design company worked on this project let me know and I add credit as this really is an identity and website to be proud of.


 Eagle Clean Website Design Eagle Clean Website Design Eagle Clean Website Design

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