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  • Extreme Crayon Art – Christian Faur


    Extreme Crayon Art – Christian Faur

    Feb 25

    Came across this excellent and unique artwork by Christian Faur.

    Christian put this work together with more than one hundred thousand hand cast crayons of different colors and shades. He calls them “pixels” of wax and uses them to create this amazing pieces of art, more of Christian’s artwork can be seen at his website

    I highly recommend a visit to the site as there us some excellent artwork there using a variety of media

    Christian says about his work:

    “I think that painting is very much like solving a complicated mathematical problem, where each step logically and necessarily follows from the previous step, finally arriving at a solution. Ideally, an elegant one.”

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    A true artist can make art out of anything. In this piece, the crayon completely switches its role which makes it so even more real art. Very impressive!
    Rebas last blog post..The Birds

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