Great design I've seen this week – No:1

Oloves packaging
Some very clever naming and packaging design going on here, Oloves reminds me of ‘Innocent’ a little. The designers here have created a name and identity that links nicely and I can see this being a success with this alone.

pencil clip
Can the traditional pencil design be improved on? Seems it can be, over at Present and correct they have taken the humble pencil and carved a clip into it so that it can be hung over a pocket or attached to clothing,

Possibly the worlds cleverest pencil? Not sure but certainly a nice idea.
Designer Recycling Bracelets
Over at Oye Modern they have something that I’m calling ‘Designer Recycling’.
Named ‘Camera cuff’s’ photographer Craig Arnold accidentally broke a lens and then decided to create jewellery from it. Each piece is a one of a kind bracelet that seem to be very popular judging by how many they have sold! Take a look over at their site: Oye Modern

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