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  • DIY typography for Pick Me Up 2016


    DIY typography for Pick Me Up 2016

    Feb 11
    DIY typography for Pick Me Up 2016

    A very hands-on experimental project for the Pick Me Up Graphic Arts Festival. You can create your own DIY typography and letterforms by using their online tool and then submit them for inclusion in their collaborative alphabet. The letterform you create and submit could be used in their promotion, signage and publications for the event. Go on have a go here

    “Each letterform can be pushed, pulled and twisted, made light or dense and has the potential to be applied in publications and signage across the festival, as well as being downloadable and shareable direct from the digital tool. When you land on the page, and as you move each element, the action is accompanied by music and sounds by Nico Jullien. The typeface, which although malleable has a consistency to it that allows it to be applied as a family, was designed by Hato and combines “chic stripes, marshmallow-like curves, slick symmetry and abstract wobbles”.


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