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  • Brand redesign for Channel 5

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    Brand redesign for Channel 5

    Feb 09
    Brand redesign for Channel 5

    Channel 5’s new brand redesign did a rare thing, made me smile. I’m not saying I don’t smile much (other people’s views may vary) but in terms of design it’s an increasingly rare thing these days. But the above playful little animation did just that. In fact the new branding seems a real shift for 5 and a successful one.

    “Bacon says she sees Channel 5 as a “playful challenger” showing “spirited TV with an emotional heart”.
    While some channel idents such as 5USA incorporate the new logo, the terrestrial Channel 5 tells stories around a number five theme in lieu of any Channel 5 logo.”


    It works both in flat one colour format and in it’s all singing and dancing animated form well, which can sometimes be a difficult transition.

    “Channel 5 has rebuilt its entire brand portfolio from scratch and is launching new logos and idents for each channel as it bids to create a more high-end look to reflect new programming.”

    “The rebrand aims to better connect 5’s channels, while also giving each one a distinct voice, explains Bacon. 5USA’s Americana-style look references its focus on US drama, while 5Star’s branding is designed to appeal to a younger audience. “We want things to look like a family, but also distinctive and individual.”

    Find out more over at www.designweek.co.uk
    and also at creative review

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