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  • Clever little Viral Marketing Video…


    Clever little Viral Marketing Video…

    Jun 22

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    All good questions, Gareth. Definitely.
    Glad you’re keeping busy. Not too much stress I hope. All’s well with me, and I’m spending a fair chunk of time book-writing. Learning as I go.
    Bye for now.


    Hi David, thanks for stopping by.
    It is a great little video and very memorable BUT without re-looking at the video…
    What were the features of the camera that set it apart from other cameras?
    Who was it made by?
    Why would you buy it?
    I think it falls down in that area, great advert but the actual product is just another digital camera isn’t it?
    Things are good my side with lots of projects keeping me busy, I’m guessing the same with you, especially with running two blogs! 🙂


    Hey Gareth, it’s a pretty cool idea. Wonder how effective Samsung deem it be overall. Everything good your side lately?


    Nice post, very interesting. Rgds. Sunshine Products.

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