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  • Category Archives for "Apple"

    Jan 18

    Hyperrealistic Tattoo Portraits

    | Apple

    Most tattoos can’t be considered a work of art, these Hyperrealistic Tattoo Portraits by Dzikson Wildstyle are different, they are beautiful and skillfully created. The depth of detail, highlights, shadow and mixture of styles is absolutely outstanding. You can see more of Dzikson Wildstyles work over at his Instagram page and below. 

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    Jan 17

    The new but old iMac 2015

    | Apple

    So this got me for a second when I saw it, they’ve launched a new iMac I thought, wow, it’s radically different I thought, oh, no, wait… But no, sadly, they’ve not massively updated the iMac, it’s those clever Germans over at Curved Labs creating a design concept. Mashing together the very first Mac design, with new […]

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    Oct 16

    Does this mean the Death of Business Card Design?

    | Apple

    Nameo remember that name, because is going to KILL the beloved business card, that opportunity to create a visual and real (in your hand) impact to your business contact, will be gone forever! Ok its not quite that dramatic! There is a new Apple iPhone Application called Nameo, Nameo is a virtual business card exchanger […]

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