Does this mean the Death of Business Card Design?


Nameo remember that name, because is going to KILL the beloved business card, that opportunity to create a visual and real (in your hand) impact to your business contact, will be gone forever!
Ok its not quite that dramatic!
There is a new Apple iPhone Application called Nameo, Nameo is a virtual business card exchanger for the iPhone. Basically, you hold your iPhones together press a button and you have exchanged your details.
Only iPhones that both have Nameo can exchange details.
Ok, so initially I thought what a great idea, then I realised that its going to take away the livelihood of the business card! The business card is going to be jobless!
I personally think we will always need the impact that a well designed and printed business card gives.
But what do you think, is this the death of the beloved business card?
Is it really a threat or will this be like the “paperless office” we are all supposed to have!

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