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Does this mean the Death of Business Card Design?

Does this mean the Death of Business Card Design?


Nameo remember that name, because is going to KILL the beloved business card, that opportunity to create a visual and real (in your hand) impact to your business contact, will be gone forever!
Ok its not quite that dramatic!
There is a new Apple iPhone Application called Nameo, Nameo is a virtual business card exchanger for the iPhone. Basically, you hold your iPhones together press a button and you have exchanged your details.
Only iPhones that both have Nameo can exchange details.
Ok, so initially I thought what a great idea, then I realised that its going to take away the livelihood of the business card! The business card is going to be jobless!
I personally think we will always need the impact that a well designed and printed business card gives.
But what do you think, is this the death of the beloved business card?
Is it really a threat or will this be like the “paperless office” we are all supposed to have!

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  1. i think they will fulfill slightly different functions – the business card as we know it is not just about the email address and phone number on it but is a visual indicator of the giver’s identity, purpose, ethos etc…
    i think the two could probably co-exist quite nicely. maybe i’m just a starry eyed optimist!

  2. The Nameo application, just as Tapulous’ FriendBook, is a great way to exchange information. I would like to sit this business card application being compatible with other phones (Nokia, Samsung….) and services (Sprint, T-Mobile…).

  3. Not convinced about it replacing the business card – people still like to have something they can hold, and, as Matt pointed out, it’s only for the iPhone. I still doubt a cross platform version would cull business cards, though!

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  6. Calling this the Death of the business card seems slightly exaggerated. I see this as a complement – and also rather limited since it works only on one platform.
    Biz-Opp-Bens last blog post..Ways To Send Subscribers To Your Online Business

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