4 Tips in Using SEO to Enhance Your Marketing Initiatives

4 tips in using SEO to enhance marketing

4 Tips in Using SEO to Enhance Your Marketing Initiatives

Modern marketing departments are now equipped with a variety of roles that blend expertise in traditional and digital platforms, encompassing every possible tool available for use. SEO roles, for instance, have increased in demand and popularly by over 40 per cent in the past year.

Due to the newfound importance of SEO, companies are now injecting more funds into efforts on organic search and content marketing to achieve their KPIs. Despite this collaboration, there still exists a divide that needs to be addressed. For a more mindful transition, consistent communication, detailed project management processes, and team building sessions are necessary.

If you want to successfully integrate SEO into your marketing department, here are four tips to consider:


1. Address issues on integration

Making two cross-discipline groups work together can be a challenge. In fact, 75 per cent of cross-functional teams end up failing, albeit the success stories. If you want to successfully utilise SEO and mitigate the risk of producing poorly-executed campaigns, it’s essential that you shift focus on the daily functions of your SEO and marketing teams. To integrate, take a look at some of these barriers:

  • The lack of effective communication, especially when it comes to goals
  • The lack of setting a clear method for measuring ROI
  • The lack of flexibility or the cultivation of a siloed system

As soon as you address such challenges, you will be able to come up with better plans to integrate the two processes together.


2. Determine and resolve any gaps in technology adoption

Another barrier to cross-discipline collaboration is a gap in technology adaptation. Remember that the nature of SEO constantly changes – one practice may be accepted now, and the next day the practice will have changed. To keep up with its ever-changing nature, implement standardised technology tools that aim at marketing departments, and help them keep up with SEO practices. Through the continuous promotion of collaboration and data analysis, coming up with modern marketing strategies will eventually come easy.

Fortunately, the creation of a culture of collaboration isn’t difficult. Marketers and SEO strategists essentially share a similar core of competencies. With the right tools and processes, SEO efforts will be able to drive marketing objectives and vice versa.


3. Review possible impacts on revenue

A successful collaboration can be tied to positive brand impacts and revenues. Consider this: Over 90 per cent of Google traffic is apparent on the first page. If you’re ranking on the second page, it’s likely that your marketing efforts will not be seen.

Content strategy and social media marketing have always been part of traditional marketing’s territory, but SEO strategists can help drive such marketing objectives that centre on technical aspects. In doing so, they will be able to give the best insights on how organic search works, ultimately improving your brand visibility. Through careful communication among cross-functional teams, emerging trends will be heavily analysed and understood, as with ROI modelling and organisational needs for marketing and strategic focus.


4. Utilise collaborative tools and platforms

The marketing landscape is everchanging, relying heavily on trends and technology. To successfully use SEO, utilising collaborative tools and software must be your company’s next norm. Implementing their use can create positive impacts on the way your marketing and SEO teams work together, all the while improving on their respective everyday work functions.

There are project management platforms available out there, such as Basecamp, and even collaborative meeting tools, such as Google Hangouts and Slack. In any case, using a standardised set of tools empowers every aspect of your organisation, especially when it comes to the distinct collaboration of departments, particularly between your marketing and SEO teams.



The relevance of utilising SEO is undeniable, and the potency of marketing will never waver. As your business grows, finding a way to integrate the two aspects is crucial. While it may be difficult, achieving it is definitely possible, as long as you remember everything discussed above!

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