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Enel has a powerful new company identity

By Gareth Coxon, January 28, 2016





Rome based energy company Enel have just unveiled their new company identity, branding and website created by Wolff Olins.

The new identity uses cursors to communicate energy movements. Whilst this works very in animated form it’s less successful in static logo form, always difficult to convey movement in logo without moving parts.

Overall it works well, and when the identity translates to video and moving image it comes into it’s own, really giving a sense of power and energy integral to the company and brand message.

“At the start of the creative process, we explored how to visualise different kinds of power, including kinetic energy, physical phenomena and data-driven systems. He adds that the cursor aims to represent “energy that is always moving”. When applied digitally, the cursor moves and evolves gradually to form words.

This distinctive visual identity has been applied to create a “consistent design language”, and versatility”



“Wolff Olins has created a new brand identity for electricity and gas company Enel, which aims to mimic the idea of “moving energy”. Each letter in the new logo features a “cursor” which is used to “visually echo” a light bulb filament, says Chris Moody, creative director”

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