Nonô – the gift of identity design

Nice little story and identity design here. One of the partners at Pentagram gave the owner of a Beach stall in Rio a gift, the gift of design. Pentagram designed Nonô (the name of the owner) it’s new identity. One of the partners/designers at Pentagram has a house that over looks the beach where Nonô and his family had his business. They had always admired how hard they worked and how well kept the beach was.
The logo design itself is very fitting, bright colours, simple with a repeating shape. It sits well within a beach environment and is memorable and easy for it’s owner to use on other materials.

“The logo is a set of rounded shapes – inspired by coconuts, waves, surfboards and Roberto Burle-Marx’s curvaceous landscapes – creating the word Nonô. A set of bright colours are used, to reflect Brazil’s infectious joy de vivre and to contrast with Praia de Joatinga’s surrounding greenery and sea.”


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