5 Steps to Supercharge Your Text Message Marketing Strategy

5 Steps to Supercharge Your Text Message Marketing Strategy

Supercharge Your Text Message Marketing Strategy

‍Texting has become the preferred channel of communication for a majority of consumers. However, most businesses still don’t have a text message marketing strategy because they think it’s too clunky and outdated compared to other channels like Facebook Messenger or Instagram direct message. But in reality, texting is also growing rapidly as a primary means of communication for any business. Thus, ignoring this channel is a big mistake for your small business marketing strategy. If you are still unsure how to implement text message marketing in your company, keep reading for some useful tips.


What Is Text Message Marketing?

Text messaging, also known as SMS marketing, is the act of sending a commercial message to a person’s mobile device via text message. The most common types of marketing through text are promotional messages, alerts about product availability and news about discounts or events in a store; however, businesses can also use text messages for service reminders and to interact with customers or potential customers. 

Apart from the obvious fact that people are reading and receiving a lot of texts daily, there are many other benefits of adding text message marketing to your marketing strategy. 

For example, you can effectively target your ideal customers when they are most likely to buy something from you. Through text message marketing, you can also offer exclusive deals and discounts to incentivise your customers to visit you at the store or make an online purchase. This is especially effective during the holiday season when there is high traffic and competition, so you can stand out among other businesses.


Why You Should Use Text Message Marketing

As mentioned earlier, text messages are more popular than ever. In fact, more than 90% of people would rather get a text message than make a phone call these days. 

In addition, it has been shown that people tend to respond to text messages much faster than they do to emails. Moreover, you don’t need the internet to send or receive text messages. This makes them an effective channel when you don’t have a data or WiFi connection. 

You can also segment your customers based on their interests and preferences to send out targeted messages that are relevant to their needs and wants. 

Text message marketing is a great way to increase your sales and build stronger relationships with your customers. It is also a cost-effective channel since you don’t have to spend much on this marketing strategy. However, if you don’t have a text message marketing strategy in place, you’re likely to lose out on a lot of potential sales and leads.


Step 1: Find Your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

The first step to creating a successful text message marketing strategy is to create an ideal customer profile (ICP). Your ICP basically contains all the information about your ideal customer: their age, location, sex, interests, and more. 

Once you have the details of your potential buyers in mind, you can now create a strategy that is best suited for them. For example, if you are targeting millennials, you can include emojis in your texts to catch their attention and make your messages stand out. 

Although there is no perfect ICP you can follow, it is best if you create your own ICP instead of focusing on someone else’s ideal customer profile. Once you know your target audience and their preferences, it becomes easier to devise a successful text message marketing strategy.


Step 2: Create a Solid SMS Strategy

Before you start sending out texts to your customers, it is important to create a solid SMS marketing strategy. This way, you will know exactly what you want to say through your texts, and you can measure the results as well. 

You can increase your sales and engagement by sending short, catchy messages highlighting your best products or services. You can also send out special discounts and offers to your best customers to reward them for their loyalty. 

Moreover, you can also use text messages to introduce yourself to your new customers and invite them to visit your store or website. You can also ask them if they have any questions or if they would like to be sent more information about your product or service. A good SMS marketing strategy can help you target your customers better and keep them engaged with your brand.


Step 3: Send Sequential and Re-engaging Messages

Before you start sending out texts, it is important to understand why you are sending them. What is your goal behind this channel? What are you trying to achieve? 

You can send sequential and re-engaging messages to your customers to increase engagement with your brand. You can also send them texts regularly to remind them about your products and services. For example, if you are running a sale in your store or have a new product, you can inform your customers about it through text messages. 

You can also send them valuable information that is related to your products and services, such as customer reviews and testimonials, trivia facts, and more. You can also send re-engaging messages to customers who visited your store or website but didn’t purchase. Thus, you can invite them to come back and make a purchase again.


Step 4: Monitor and Measure Results

Finally, you must monitor and measure the results of your text message marketing strategy. You can use tools like Google Analytics or Sprout Social to track the results of your texts. You can also send out surveys to your customers to get their feedback and find out what they think about your texts. This will help you understand if your customers are happy with your products and services and if they are receiving your texts. 

You can use the following tips to improve your results and make your text message marketing strategy even more effective: 

– Use shorter, concise messages: Shorter messages are easier to read and understand. You can also fit more information in a single message. 

– Prioritise urgency and relevancy in your messages: Urgency will make your customers act quickly, and relevancy will help them understand your message. Thus, they will respond to your text. 

– Use emojis in your messages: Emojis can help you engage your customers and make them interested in your products. They can also make your message more fun and interesting.


Conclusion – 5 Steps to Supercharge Your Text Message Marketing Strategy

Text message marketing is a great way to target your ideal customers and turn them into loyal customers. Following these steps to supercharge your SMS marketing strategy can increase sales and grow your business. You just need to ensure you get the most out of the channel and choose the right times to send content to your customers.

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