Why Google My Business is an Important Part of the SEO Puzzle

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Why Google My Business is an Important Part of the SEO Puzzle

We all know that Google is now an important part of business online. It’s so important to have a strong presence in the search engine that many people will go as far as to say it’s the most important visibility factor online.

But did you know that there are other opportunities to rank well on Google?

One of these opportunities is with your company profile within Google My Business.

Your Google My Business profile provides an opportunity to engage potential customers before they even click over from search results pages – and this can be extremely valuable if done correctly!

We’ll dive into why Google My Business is a part of the SEO puzzle and how you should set up your account for success!

Your Google My Business profile provides a quick snapshot of your company’s operating data, reviews, posts, and more. Basically it allows customers to instantly find, learn about, and engage with your company without ever having to leave the search engine!

This can be especially valuable if you’re running ads for specific products or services on google search pages – this way, they don’t have to click over from the ad that caught their interest for them to see what else is available through your business!

A strong picture paired with an engaging description will allow you to activate potential customer traffic before they even move away from the Google results page. Remember: not everyone clicks past these links when doing research online. So make sure you take time to create a profile that speaks to the customer’s interests and details about your company!

Google My Business


You can also use google my business profiles for inbound marketing, which is when you generate leads through online channels. This allows potential customers to research similar products or services to find out more information about what you have available on google – without ever needing to leave their research page!

Finally, it should be noted that Google My Business accounts will show up in search results. This means that any time someone searches for your company name (or other keywords) on Google, they’ll see everything from your website content right down to reviews of past clients.

This is a huge opportunity for your business, but only if you’re taking advantage of it!

To set up Google my business correctly, make sure that the account is verified in person. Don’t just rely on email verification and name searches – this means everything from uploading an accurate photo to making sure the correct phone number is listed. You also need to ensure that all company information (address, hours) are updated regularly so customers can be confident they will find what they want when using Google Search!

Make sure your profile has detailed directions included as well; ask yourself: how would I go about finding this place if I was viewing it without any other information? This includes including street address, map location/GPS coordinates.

Why should my business have a Google My Business listing?

Your Google my business listing lets customers know about your company without ever leaving the search engine!

Google has over 95% of all internet searches in a given month. Therefore, creating and maintaining an active profile on Google My Business will help you reach more potential clients.

This means that if someone is searching for your product or service on a local level, they’ll see everything from reviews of past clients to information about hours and contact info right there; this gives them confidence in their decision before clicking through that link. So make sure you take time when setting up this account not only to make it accurate but also engaging and interesting so they’re compelled enough to click through! Great images from your business premises, service images etc helps.

Google My Business promotes your company to potential customers in the form of an attractive and informative profile, which is why it’s so important for any type of online marketing.

It can also be used as an effective part of your SEO strategy by ranking higher in local search results pages – this will help you reach more potential clients!

If someone searches on google for one or both keywords from your website content, they’re going to find what they need right there without ever having to leave their research page. This can mean that even before they click through, they have confidence in their decision because all information is visible at once.

Are Google reviews important?

Yes! Google reviews are an important part of SEO and also for helping potential customers decide whether or not they will contact your company.

Reviews help google my business rank higher in search engine results pages, which means that you’ll reach more people; this is because it’s possible for someone looking at their screen to see what previous clients think before even clicking through. This includes seeing ratings (stars) as well as comments left by past clients so users can get a better idea of what type of experience they might have if they use your services.

Additionally, these stars play into how high up on search engine result page listings your business will rank, which is crucial for increasing your clientele.

Finally: reviews can also help build trust with potential customers because they can see that there are people who have used the company before and liked what was provided. This helps them make a more informed decision about whether or not they should contact the company themselves.

If you haven’t already done so, take some time to set up an account on Google My Business! Then, make sure it’s accurate by having someone in person verify your information – from photos of products/services offered down to hours and directions included if necessary.

To verify the listing and physical location is real, Google will send you a physical postcard through the post with a code on it that you will need to enter into the online listing to verify the location.

If you’re not already aware, google my business is an important part of SEO and should be used within a digital marketing strategy. Create or maintain an account today by following these steps: verify your info in person; upload interesting photos/videos related to what you offer; include hours and directions if necessary; use reviews when setting up your google my business listing – they help potential customers decide whether or not they will contact your company.

Is Google My Business free to use?

Yes! Google my business is free to use for any company.

How do I find out if my google my business listing is up to date?

It’s easy with just a few steps: go to the Google My Business website, input your address and click “check”; this will make sure all information about your company that you provided on the site matches what google has in their records. This means it’s accurate and potential clients can be confident when making decisions knowing everything they need to.

Why Google My Business is an Important Part of the SEO Puzzle 1

What are some ways that SEO strategy could include using Google Reviews within web pages or blogs?

These reviews can help potential customers feel more informed about the company they’re looking for by seeing what others have used them before. Social proof is a big indicator and influencer to people as to whether a business is trusted, good value or reliable.

You might also want to include a list of google reviews within your service page, or in order to keep it fresh/intriguing, you could create a social media post using one as an example!

How does a Google My Business listing help with local SEO?

A Google my business profile can help your company rank higher in local search results since this site automatically pulls information from the business’s website. Then you don’t need to worry about inputting anything on their end or looking for reviews like other SEO strategies might ask.

As well, it will be easier for potential clients to find your company as soon as they start typing in something into Google and a listing pops up immediately – which saves them time/effort so they’re more likely to contact! This is great because companies always want people using their services instead of someone else’s when there are fewer hoops involved.

For example: if I’m searching “local restaurants” within Google, the first page includes listings for the restaurants in my area, and it would be easy to contact them right away. Also being able to reviews and customer images is a hugely important.

What are the examples of great Google My Business listings?

It’s important to include an accurate business name so that people can find it without any trouble when the listing pops up in search results.

If you have a homepage on your website or blog page for google my life – make sure this is different from the homepage of your actual site so there are no duplicate listings! This will avoid confusion and help boost rankings. And don’t forget: use keywords throughout content because this helps with SEO strategy as well.”

How regularly should I post on Google My Business?

It depends on what kind of business you are running, but one post every week at a minimum is the basic level to aim for, but as a rule of thumb, we’ve found that at least every 2/3 days can help lift listings up the Google My Business listings themselves.

And additionally, make sure that when posting – it’s always something new and/or interesting to keep their attention! This will help your company rank in search results more often.

How can I help my business to rank in the 3 pack within Google My Business listings?

You can help increase your visibility for the three-pack by updating (or creating) a profile with accurate and up to date information.

– Include keywords in your summary, descriptions, address, phone numbers etc., as well as adding tags like “menu” or “hours of operation.

– A high star rating will also make you more visible on this page; so ask customers to rate and review your business at every opportunity.

– Add photos that are relevant and helpful images showing what makes your company unique from its competitors. Make sure they have an appropriate caption!

– Ensure all links within the Google My Business listing point to current websites rather than broken internal ones: url’s should either redirects back into google my business

What should I include in the “manage reviews” section?

First, be careful not to respond too quickly or take things personally if someone has left a bad review because this can hurt SEO strategy; instead, try responding with empathy, resulting in them updating their comment. It doesn’t matter what you say as long as they know you care about how they feel. And then: encourage customers to modify or delete their review if the issue has been resolved. Your google my business doesn’t continue to show this information up in search results, affecting your company SEO or reputation!

What do I need to know about Google My Business for local SEO?

Include a phone number, address and contact form on the page because when potential clients are looking through listings – they want everything at one glance.

Google might also suggest some posts relevant to what you’re offering if it finds them; be sure not to turn these off as this can lead customers back into reading content! And don’t forget: post something new every week at least with fresh photos/videos related services offered down to operating hours and directions included if applicable.

How can I use Google My Business to get more traffic?

By reading reviews, Google my Business automatically pulls from your website and responds to them.

Next, you want to continue grooming the content on this page by adding videos/images related to services offered, which will help potential clients feel more informed about what they’re looking for before contacting.”

Want even MORE proof? 

Google My Business has always been an important part of local SEO strategy because it’s essentially a showcase. So when I’m scrolling through possible places – I can quickly see how good their customer service is or if there’s any complaints in detail like bad reviews.

What are some tips/tricks I should know about Google My Business?

It’s important to add upcoming events and discounts because these will allow you to build hype in advance so that google my life gets even more traffic when it comes!

Is Google My Business worth the effort for local SEO?

Google My Business is the newest, most powerful free tool for businesses on Google. It’s a user-friendly platform that helps customers easily see and learn about your business without ever having to leave the search engine. The following are four compelling reasons why you should set up a Google My Business Profile:

– Improve ranking in local searches

– Receive customer reviews

– Get found by people looking for your company or product/service online

– Give potential customers convenient access to information about your company (hours, phone number, website) with just one click of their mouse!

The old adage “you never get a second chance at making a first impression” also applies when it comes to grabbing consumers’ attention on the Internet. Google My Business helps you make a great first impression, and if done correctly is an important part of your SEO strategy.

When you set up a business profile on google my business, it will be indexed fast due to its integrated data with existing free domains like google search engine’s webmaster tools account. This means that as soon as somebody sets up their GMB (Google My Business) Profile, they could have their reviews appear in map listings or local searches within hours! Furthermore, it only takes minutes to complete this profile once you’re signed in to your Gmail account and so I urge all small businesses owners to take advantage of this powerful tool today.

How to Use Google My Business to Get More Customers

Many people are familiar with the idea of Google, but not everyone knows that there is this lesser-known platform called “Google My Business”, which can be used to help increase your customer reach.

With a GMB Account, you get more than a business listing. Your free Business Profile lets you quickly connect with customers across Google Search and Maps.

Google My Business provides a swift snapshot of your business’ operating data, reviews, posts and more. Actually, it enables customers to quickly find, learn about and engage with your company without ever having to leave the search engine. This is why Google my business can be an important part of any SEO strategy because it helps customers connect easily with local businesses that are near them.

A well-optimised GMB will help you rank higher in organic searches for relevant keywords (i.e “Indian restaurants”) as potential customers look for products or services on their mobile devices while they’re out shopping at stores nearby. And as we all know – shoppers who have phones handy are much more likely to buy something than those who don’t.

Can I add my business to Google My Business if my business is mostly remote clients?

Google My Business is absolutely for your remote clients! You can add each client’s location to their individual google listings, and then you can list all of those locations on one Google My Business Page. 

Locations may be added by address or through our map finder tool, which will automatically populate with landmarks near that particular address.

Add a new location from within “Edit” mode on the listing page, or just click “add” next to any existing Google+ post – this time adding an additional city as opposed to another business profile (e.g., Ottawa)

Fill in the details about your company’s customers service hours including days/hours open, payment accepted etc; make sure you include at least three different ways people might contact you.

Add your business’ social presence like Twitter, Instagram etc. and a link to any blog content that might be relevant for this page.

You can also add “Call” or “Email” buttons from the same location where you would go to add new locations.

Maintaining one Google My Business Page is not only more convenient but will make it much easier when people need information about your service offerings!

Can one have more than one business using the same address on Google My Business?

Yes, you can have more than one business at the same address on Google My Business. You just need to create a separate profile for each of your businesses and use different photos or videos in order to represent them individually.

This will help people distinguish between all of the services that are available from these companies.

A Google My Business profile is a lot like getting your own website, but for free. It includes all the information about you that would normally appear on your company’s website, and it will also allow customers to find out more about what services or products are available from your business without ever having to leave the search engine.

The best part of this service is that no one needs any technical knowledge in order to set up their account because they can literally do everything through an online interface. Anyone with internet access should be able to complete their Google My Business listing within minutes!

Claim your Google My Business listing otherwise someone else might!

We need to talk about the importance of claiming your Google My Business listing and how it can affect your search engine optimisation efforts. When a business doesn’t claim their GMB profile, they leave themselves open for competitors or others (who may not have the best interests of that particular company) to take over their account information. 

This leads to problems with ranking in local searches because all those reviews are being attributed to someone else’s location.

When we help our clients with SEO work, this is one of the first things we check out and correct if necessary. We also use our analysis process as an opportunity to understand what other aspects might be impeding on your rankings so we can make recommendations accordingly!

So, you’ve been Google My Business! What does it mean for your company?

If you are not claiming your GMB profile, then the good news is that someone else may have done that work for you. The bad news is: this can be to your advantage or disadvantage. In other words, if whoever has taken over as owner of your page and updated their information with misleading reviews–that could become problematic in terms of ranking in local searches (all those positive ratings attributed to someone else’s location).

 If they’re adding posts about events at different locations than yours or promoting photos from an event elsewhere…those will also impact your business’ rankings.

This is why it’s so important to keep an eye on your Google My Business listing (no matter how much you think it doesn’t affect you). It may sound like a tedious task, but trust me–knowing that someone else might be doing damage to your company profile without even realising or intending for that to happen…it will make the process seem far less time-consuming!

Statistics about Google My Business listings:

– 90% of mobile users search for local businesses on their phone.

– 60% more customers click to call your business if it’s listed on Google My Business with a corresponding number than those who don’t have the feature.

– 65% of people are likely to visit a store within 100 miles when they’re looking at an online listing, so it pays off in driving foot traffic as well as sales and conversion rates. When you own the top spot in map results, there is no better position to be seen in!

– The most successful GMB profiles are those with a comprehensive and accurate business description. This includes information like the type of service or product offered, any relevant awards won, your operating hours, and contact information.

– Optimising your profile will help boost click-through rates to other pages on your site that have content related to this keyword in their title tags as well as meta descriptions. 

If you don’t want people who use Google for searching but not ready to buy right away from clicking over, then make sure the “Not yet rated” section is turned off. Then customers can see reviews without having to take more steps towards conversion than necessary.

– Finally, it’s important to note how search engines crawl properties listed on Google My Business. Every page on your site should have a unique title tag and meta description that directs visitors to the appropriate content, but it’s also important not to write duplicate content across pages – this dilutes Google’s ability to index your entire site in one crawl cycle.

Can I advertise my business on google my business with Smart campaigns?

Absolutely. Google My Business ads offer a smart way to reach customers on google. You can advertise your business directly from the dashboard, and you’ll be able to see how people are interacting with it in real-time — all while getting detailed reporting so that you know exactly what’s driving results for your business.

– More than half of all Google searches start with a local search which means that being on the first page will increase your chances of getting more business.

– According to the latest data from Pew Research, more than one-third (37%) of adults use their phone as their primary device for accessing the internet on both workdays and non-workdays alike. This is especially true among 18–29-year-olds: 53% say they primarily access the internet via their mobile devices.

– Mobile users are also twice as likely to click through links in reviews vs desktop users! That said, it’s important not only how many reviews you have but who those reviews come from and what their sentiment is about your product or service because if people don’t like what you’re selling, they’ll go elsewhere.

If there are any other questions about this topic please don’t hesitate to send us a message and we’ll do our best to answer them as soon as possible. For now, though, I hope this quick read helped understand more about what GMB can mean for your SEO efforts! 

So remember: claim yours today before somebody else does!


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