Tweet That: The Curse of Oversharing (Twitter)


 Has Robbie Williams taken social media to a new level?

When Twitter was first emerging it became a bit of a running joke that it was used to just update the mundane aspects of life with people tweeting things like what they had for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Whilst it’s still like that, albeit slightly with slightly improved visuals thanks to Instagram, the way we use social media has changed.
Twitter has become a place where people are striving to publicise and promote their wares. Whether it’s a multinational company or a personal brand, it’s a platform where everyone can rub together and enjoy an equal playing field.
This month the term “overshare” was crowned the Chambers Dictionary word of the year. They describe it as being  “beautifully British” and the “subtle yet devastating” put-down. But it’s really just an annoyance and chronic over-sharers are completely oblivious.
There’s no doubt that by now you would have seen or at least heard about Robbie Williams taking social media to a new level by giving a running commentary on the birth of his son via a series of twitter images and youtube videos. Now, for a man who has previously spoken out about how he values his privacy, this is an odd move on his part.
Perhaps it’s a reaction to the level of interest the general public play to celebrities lives or maybe he’s just realising that on social media – there are no longer any limits.
But are there somethings that should be kept private?
Facebook and Twitter weren’t really designed to share hour by hour details of a persons life – especially when those hours are in the delivery room. But what are the true ramifications for the oversharing generation?
Whilst you may think that oversharing will land you that book deal, hurl you in to reality tv stardom or help you appear more down to earth and relatable…it won’t. In fact, it can have negative effects. For example, not all your friends and followers want to know the nitty, gritty details of your life and opening the flood gates on the most intimate aspects of your life – online – isn’t going to help you secure that dream job or do you any good when you’re trying to impress people in the boardroom.
So what can be done about it? Well, nothing. There could be a business in designing a “do you really want to share this button” to attach on to posts but chronic over-sharers will always choose yes!

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