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The Art of Human Bones

The Art of Human Bones

Artist Francois Robert has created a collection of striking artworks arranged from real human bones based around the theme of war and violence.
“Robert has spent hundreds of hours working with those bones, arranging them painstakingly into striking, iconic shapes, each five or six feet wide, and photographing them with a 4×5 Hasselblad rigged to a boom to provide a bird’s eye view. He calls the resulting images “Stop the Violence.” Each shot takes a full day to set up. “I was on my knees for all of 2008,” Robert remembers.

The results are beautiful and haunting. Robert confesses that more than anything else he is motivated by the fear of death. “The bones are something left behind, a form of memory,” he says. “I try to treat that person on my studio floor with respect.”

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  1. Strange but fantastic at the same time. I really like these posts as it shows some unusual art forms! Good work mate

  2. They are certainly are strange, but I like the message behind the pieces.
    I’m glad you like the posts, I’m basically including anything and everything art and design that interests me and hopefully the readers of this blog.
    Thanks as ever for stopping by and giving your thoughts Simon and good to see you back!

  3. These make me a bit uncomfortable – does that make them ‘art’? They are beautiful though – just a bit chilling!
    PS Thanks for joining the Blogging Networking – keep in touch, L

  4. Good to see you Lucy, I think part of the message is ment to make you feel a uncomfortable and think about the results and horrifying reality or war. If it’s made you think then it’s done it job, in my opinion.
    Thanks for popping in as ever Lucy, your comments always appreciated.

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