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winners of JAM Telephone Answering service

winners of JAM Telephone Answering service

Proud to say that Dot Design were the recent winners of  JAM Telephone Answering‘s December promotion, details follow…
“We have a bit of fun for our clients who update their status using #messagebot on Twitter.
Between now and 24th December we will be giving random and pureJAM tweeters mini credit prizes for certain #messagebot status updates.
The #messagebot tweet must be relevant for our telephone answering service operators yet at the same time contain some humour.
The best #messagebot tweet starting from now will also win a grand prize of £50 credit, and the winner will be announced shortly after midday on Christmas Eve.”
Dot Design’s winning tweet was…

Many thanks to Jam for the prize and for there continuing excellent telephone answering service, Merry Christmas to the Jam Team!


  1. Ha ha!! Love your tweet!
    Did you do the Messagebot character design also? I love that too. Great name for it also.

  2. Glad you liked it Amanda, was a nice surprise to win!
    I certainly did design the character and he seems to be a much loved part of JAM now.
    You can see more about the process of designing MessageBot and other JAM material here >
    Thanks for the comments!

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