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  • Social Media Advertising Posters – Vintage Style

    Design in General

    Social Media Advertising Posters – Vintage Style

    Sep 04

    Love these vintage style advertising posters for such social media favourites as Twitter, Skype and Facebook.
    Designed by Moma Advertising Agency they give the different web platforms a futuristic feeling.
    Very well executed and full of tongue in cheek humour and vintage stylings.

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    These are great, we’ve got some of the retro holiday ones up at home and always thought they should try them on some modern destinations but I never thought about modern technology. Although I’m not sad enough to have a retro Skype poster up at home, not yet anyway…


    […] Facebook with a sweet taste of vintage and modern. I love the […]


    @Lu, they really have pulled these off well haven’t they, thanks for stopping by.
    @Glenn, agreed they have gone the whole hog and it works really well, cheers Glenn


    I really like these. The language used is spot on too.


    Nice find Gareth! The copy is really charming and backs up the visuals well. Really like the ‘phone’ in the Twitter poster.

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