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Things Happen Here
Website Design and Development

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The Brief and Background

To create a new website for Things Happen Here, a Live Music Venue in Dartington near Totnes. A simple website was required to showcase their music, events and personality.

Things Happen Here features a taproom, an event venue with live music, stand-up comedy, crafting sessions, game nights, and beer tasting experiences, among other activities. 

The website design round the new logo identity, extending this into an exciting but gritty look and feel, showcasing their many service areas.

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Bespoke website design and development

Design adapts to devices large or small to give a smooth and fluid user experience.

Brand Personality

Brief called for a vibrant, gritty modren punk feel with abit of indie thrown in. Something fun, “Something fresh for the beer drinkers, music lovers, dancers, crafters and our cracking community”.

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