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  • New Coca-Cola Summer Can Designs

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    New Coca-Cola Summer Can Designs

    May 07

    Coca-Cola are releasing five newly designed cans over the summer period.
    Working within the recent stripped down/back to basics rebrand they make use of  the printed red and the can itself to create summer related objects such as a beachball, sunglasses and surf boards. I suspect these might even be considered collectable by some.
    Overall its a nice idea well executed, this simple design, simple idea area of design is working for me, is it working for you?summer-can-collection

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    I spent about 20mins scratching my head about why everyone has an image and I don’t before I figured it out, lol
    It’s an illustration I did for a client many years ago, I still love it and it actually looks a tad like me, so I’ve been using it as an avatar recently.


    hmm not impressed then Amanda, fair enough.
    I like your avatar though, good work! 🙂


    Oh yes, the stars one I agree, it’s ok, I fairly like that one. Not so much the rest.


    Do you like them? I’m not keen.
    I think I’ve become too used to swathes of patterns and colours all over drinks can’s …it’s a shock to the senses to see something so simple. It should feel retro, but it doesn’t – but then it doesn’t feel modern either.
    I think the lack of definition of style is an issue.


    love the new can designs – Coca Cola staying true to their heritage and not deviating too far from what works and what is known. Particular favourite is the stars – really gives that all American feel
    virtualgirluks last blog post..Diary management & organisation tips

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