Morpho Towers - Ferrofluid Video
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Morpho Towers – Ferrofluid Video

Morpho Towers – Ferrofluid Video

I came across this video over on the Creative Review Blog of Ferrofluid which is a liquid that reacts to magnets, as shown in this mesmerising video by Sachiko Kodama and Yasushi Miyajima.
They use moving magnets to create smooth flowing shapes that seem at once hard and spikey and then again fluid, all in time with the soundtrack, a beautiful effect I’m sure you’ll agree.
Once I’d looked into FerroFluid’s I found there were alot of videos of these, here’s one of the more interesting ones…

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  1. Nice. That first video (Morpho Towers) would make an excellent Christmas campaign for an oil company.
    It’s a shame they can’t use this to clean up BP’s mess in the gulf! 🙂

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