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  • KernType – A Kerning Game


    KernType – A Kerning Game

    Oct 10

    I can’t imagine there are many kerning based games knocking about the internet, so it was great to stumble upon this one via Twitter. ‘Kern Me’ is a Html 5 built website that challenges designers and a like to kern various words and be scored on the results.

    I scored 85% on my first turn, can you beat it?
    Please post your results below…

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    (3) comments

    Great game, kept me entertained for a few minutes! I wouldn’t of heard of it except for this article – thanks.


    It’s an very simple game but that makes it really good. Most of the time the simplest things are the best. Great article!


    I feel that Kerning is an excellent game. I have always loved HTML. I like the concept around which Kern me game has been woven around.

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