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  • Design Book Review 2 – Logo by Michael Evamy

    Identity / Logo Design

    Design Book Review 2 – Logo by Michael Evamy

    Sep 24

    Logo by Michael Evamy


    Logo by Michael Evamy
    The Blurb:

    ‘Logo showcases the greatest logos in use today. Whether it is the product of a flash of inspiration or a flood of research the logo remains one of the most powerful resources available to organisations for winning the attention of a global, time-poor audience.

    There is work by masters of symbol and logotype design, such as Paul Rand, Saul Bass and Anton Stankowski, alongside marks by today’s big names and emerging talents, including Sagmeister Inc, North, Studio Apeloig and Segura Inc.

    “Logos are signs, marks of identity designed for easy recognition. They are used by every kind of organisation in every part of the world, from internation corporations to charities and from political parties to community groups and school. Logos also identify individual products and services.”


    The Review:
    ‘Logo’ is one of the best logo design resources I have come across, with over 1300+ examples of logo design at its best in 75 different categories it’s a ‘must own’ for any graphic designer or design student.

    Most of the logos featured are shown in just black, white or greyscale, so that the qualities of each logo can be appreciated when several are on a page, rather than in full colour all shouting for attention. There are some real classics in here with a wide range of different styles of design and from small to large design agency work.

    Not only does the book act as a logo design library but also a well designed book in its self, with a fold out glossy cover that forms a poster showing hundreds of logos and identity designs. The book is divided into lots of design sections ranging from “Just Type”,  “Handwritten” through to “3D”, “Illustrative” and many others.

    This book in my opinion is a classic and will be reprinted for decades to come.
    Find out more about ‘Logo’ or you can purchase a copy here

    Logo by Michael Evamy
    Logo by Michael Evamy
    Logo by Michael Evamy

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    (2) comments

    Hi Susan,
    I’ve seen that series but didn’t know there was a Logo design version, thanks for pointing it out. Will take a look through next time I’m in Waterstones. I’ve looked at some of the other titles in the series and they are impressive, I particularly like the thick card covers on them and they seem to cover the less obvious designs which is refreshing! Cheers for your input as always susan.
    Can anyone else recommend some good design reading?
    admins last blog post..The New Apple MacBook Pro – and is it enough of an improvement?


    That book is pretty high up my wish list right now – it’s fab.
    Have you seen this one?
    i splashed out recently 🙂
    it’s a bit more on the artsy side but there are some stunning pieces in it.
    only problem is, now i want the whole damned series….

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