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Create and build your own font

Create and build your own font

Create and build your own font

I’ve used StumbleUpon for sometime now, its a great way of, well, stumbling upon art and design related sites you just wouldn’t usually have found.
Recently I came across Fontstruct a great little site that enables you to easily create typefaces/fonts out of grided shapes which it then creates in to usable TrueType fonts. The fonts that are created can be used in Mac or Windows applications. It also encourages people to share the fonts they have made, so its a great tool for graphic designers or design students to play with. If you choose to share the fonts these are covered by different Creative Commons licenses.
There is a video explaining the process of building a font , on first viewing it seemed as though Fontstruct had limited possibilities in terms of variety, but on closer inspection there are quite a few options and different tools, shapes to use.
It is grid based so there are certain types of fonts that just aren’t achievable, so FontShop (the creator of this site) have examples of these that can be bought, had to be a commercial side to this somewhere, which is fair enough.
Great little tool though and should increase the interest and experimentation in the sometimes over looked area of Typography.


  1. Hi Gareth.
    Thanks for the comment on my newly launched blog. I thought I would reciprocate by commenting on yours.
    This idea sounds great. I have never really go involved with font and typeface but this could be a good introduction. Will definitely take a look.
    Steves last blog post..World Beach Rugby Summer 2008 Collection

  2. Thanks for the comment Steve, appreciated, its definitely worth a look thats for sure, I’m hoping to have a really good play with it shortly as I’ve just finished a long project and now have 10 minutes to myself! Cheers Gareth.
    admins last blog post..Create and build your own font

  3. I’d love to create my own exclusive fonts, but I’m the most impatient designer on the planet.
    I might buy some font software one day when I get more time free (ie when both my kids are at school), but does it take ages to create a font?
    For instance surely you need to draw every single letter? I might kill myself before I get to Z, ha ha.

  4. Hi Amanda, I know what you mean, finding time to “play” is difficult but I think its much needed when you can. I know what you mean about time taken to create each letter though, so far I’ve managed time to create “A”, I’ve got along way to go!
    cheers Gareth
    admins last blog post..Create and build your own font

  5. i have been ITCHING to make my own font for ages but i’ve still not got around to it 🙁
    i have a friend who has totally amazing handwriting that i’d like to make a font out of, which she finds hillarous 😀
    the earlybirds last blog post..cola

  6. ooh thanks for this site 🙂 I love online apps like this.
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