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  • Chimanimani Community Arts – Brochure Design

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    Chimanimani Community Arts – Brochure Design

    Feb 03

    Chimanimani Community Arts - Brochure Design
    Here is a recent A5 brochure design I’ve worked on for Chimanimani Community Arts Group, they teach African drumming lessons to schools and colleges in the South West.

    “Chimanimani Community Arts Group was established to highlight issues relating to environmental protection and cultural awareness through the use of African dance, singing, drumming, story telling and passing of messages between schools and other community groups”

    The brochure needed to communicate the African theme as well as what the arts group provided. We decided that a bright colourful look was needed to generate interest and excitement. Aimed at both teachers and students the use of bright African inspired colours and a gritty texture acted as a background to the brochures information.

    Chimanimani Community Arts - Brochure Design
    Chimanimani Community Arts - Brochure Design
    Chimanimani Community Arts - Brochure Design

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    Thanks for the feedback Steve, much appreciated!
    Gareth Coxons last blog post..Perfect valentine card design for the manically depressed?


    I Like it – very colourful and I like the distressed paint brush textures used. It suits the subject matter very well!

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