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Periscope: A fun app but is it any good for business?

By Gareth Coxon, May 15, 2015

Periscope: A fun app but is it any good for business?


Chances are that you’ve heard the word periscope being thrown around Twitter but aren’t that sure just what it is and more importantly what it means for your business.In short; Periscope is a new video streaming app from Twitter. Periscope allows you to broadcast live video of what you’re doing, allowing other Periscope users (and twitter followers) to tune in.But whilst it’s a great new toy for early adapters…is it actually any good for business?

Well, because Periscope is so new, there are no major case studies on how to use it as a brand. Nor are there any using Periscope for your brand success stories.

Which in a way, is good for you as a business.


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Why Brands (and celebrities) need to quit Twitter Q&A’s

By Gareth Coxon, July 2, 2014

Why Brands (and celebrities) need to quit Twitter Q&A’s


Twitter is one of those places that is just awesome at coming to life when something goes wrong for example:

Dodgy hashtags. Remember when Susan Boyle’s PR team thought it was a great ideal to throw a party for her album? It would have been had it not been for the hashtag they attached to it – #susanalbumparty

Super Injunction and Criminal Cases. It doesn’t matter HOW many times that you tell people spilling the beans on the latest juicy gossip they’ve heard is a bad idea and can get them in to serious trouble – they will still do it – especially on Twitter. Just take Sally Bercow for example, her tweets about Lord McAlpine ended up costing her £100,000 in total (and yet she still hasn’t learned her lesson).

Faux Pas. The twitter community just loves it when someone makes a mistake – and the stupider the mistake, the more twitter LOVES it. Take the girl who asked what Obama’s surname was or the girl who tweeted her new debit card details (along with the security code #facepalm). (more…)

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The PR stunts of the 2014 World Cup

By Gareth Coxon, June 19, 2014

Despite the run up to the World Cup being plagued with stories about civil unrest and FIFIA’s dodgy dealings, PR companies across the world have been under pressure to come up with creative ways to get their clients noticed.

Truth is the days of the humble press release are long gone. The public now have a hunger for weird and off beat stories meaning that quirky and innovative promotional stunts are what it takes to get noticed. The main thing that PR stunts achieve is their ability to get people talking and already the 2014 Brazilian World Cup is being branded as the most talked about ever. Take the Ghana vs USA match for example, these two countries aren’t renowned for their footballing skills but according to @TwitterData there were approximately 4.9 MILLION tweets mentioning that game alone, it’s only natural for brands to want a slice of that action.

Here are some of the best (and the worst) PR stunts to hit the 2014 Brazilian World Cup (so far): (more…)

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It's for a bloody good cause…

By Gareth Coxon, October 6, 2011

Charity SWEAR BOX from Fueled on Vimeo.

How no one has thought of this before I don’t know, but this is an excellent idea to take the humble swear box online.

It’s called Charity Swear Box and basically you link your Twitter account to the site and nominate a charity, from then on every time you swear it’s logged. You can then opt to make a donation to your said charity, or just use it as abit of fun. A great little idea and neat little video above too.

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Tweet Ups – A weekly round up of tweets 4 – 15/03/10

By Gareth Coxon, March 21, 2010

I receive many design/art related links, social media stories and business related bits and pieces during the week so I thought it worth posting them here in a nicely packaged up weekly bundle.

If you’d like to keep up with me on Twitter you can follow me by clicking here.


WEEK – 15/03/2010

Twitter Plans To Order Search Results By Tweet Popularity > << not sure I like where this is going… less than a minute ago via HootSuite

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