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Branding, Website Design and Development – Ian Walker Family Law and Mediation Solicitors

By Gareth Coxon, April 2, 2013


Ian Walker Website design

Earlier in the year we started work on a complete branding and website design/development for Ian Walker Family Law and Mediation Solicitors.

They are a specialist firm of Solicitors and Mediators based in Honiton and catering to clients right across Devon. Specialising in assisting families during separation, divorce and afterwards, they particularly work in assisting families to find fair, durable and cost effective out of court solutions through Collaborative Law and Mediation. They offer a full Family Law service including acting in cases brought by social services.

What Dot Design delivered:

• Logo design
• Stationery design and print (including: letterhead design, business card design, compliment slip design)
• Website design
• Website development, using WordPress as a CMS) the site is a responsive website meaning it adapts whether viewed on a PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone.
• Promotional literature design and print (Flyer design and Leaflet design)

Here’s a run through of the work we produced…



Logo Design

Family Law and Mediation Logo Design

After initial concept work, development and discussion the final logo design focused on communicating the idea of mediation and ’round table’ nature of the service offered. This is shown in a simple abstract form of people coming together around a table for a discussion.

We decided on a colour palette of teal’s, blues and greens that reflected both the professionalism but slightly more relaxed and personal nature of the business and it’s owner. The typeface was chosen as we felt it showed both a formal and again professional outlook but also more rounded a friendly approach, using the colours from the mark.



Flyer Design


Flyer design


Stationery Design:
Letterhead Design / Business Card Design / Compliments Slip Design

Stationery Design



Folded Leaflet Design:
A4 folded to A5 Leaflet Design

Leaflet Design




Website Design:
Initial website design concepts presented to the client for discussion.
Designs needed to incorporate an client editable scrolling image banner and call to action, as well as contact form, clickable questions buttons that link to articles that are designed to be of help to the end user.

Early on it was decided that the site would be built on the WordPress platform and would also be fully responsive, meaning the site would adapt whether viewed on a PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone.


Initial website home page design  / concept 1

Website Design Family Law and Mediation Solicitors



 Initial website home page design  / concept 2

Website Design Family Law and Mediation Solicitors

After discussing these initial concepts it was decided that a different style of image slider and menu was required. It was suggested that the slider could act as a way finder to specific questions or topics a person arriving at the site might have. For example “What are the options when you split up?”, when selected these take you to relevant pages that would give you more information or help you with what options are open to you.

Based on this and other feedback obtained we developed a revised home page design seen below.



Revised website home page design

Website design revised home page

After further discussion this was decided as the route to develop and we looked at further refinements to the design until completion.



Final website design

Home page:

Ian Walker Website design

Family Law page design

Website design sub page


Example of how the site adapts and responds to be viewable on a smart phone (iPhone 5)
The site is a responsive website meaning it adapts whether viewed on a PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

Ian Walker Mobile website

You can view the fully finished site over at: Ian Walker Family Law and Mediation Solicitors.

If you’ve any questions or would like to discuss any forthcoming design projects please do give us a call or pop an email to

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