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What typeface is best for me? Infographic

A rather excellent infographic which offers a very simple basic guide to what the best ‘font’ or indeed …

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Famous Creative People’s Daily Routines – infographic

Ever wondered what the daily routines of Picasso or Dickens looked like? This infographic shows a breakdown of their activities, …

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How good design can make great business sense

It’s very easy to see design as just the act of making something ‘pretty’ or more visually appealing. …

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Infographic Video – The Violence of Mexican Drug Cartels

Great Infographic video here, both in its subject and design style. Particularly interesting to anyone watching ‘Breaking Bad’ …

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Should I work for free? (Flowchart)

Credit: Illustrator Jessica Hische has had abit of fun creating this chart giving the answers to the …

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