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Creating the Branding, Pack and Social Media assets for Rise Organics

We created the branding and identity design for ‘Rise Organics’ with a rustic and lively theme required for the paper-lined foil pouches. It was important to communicate the nature of the products as well as build a visual theme around them.

rise packaging and branding

The Brief

Create a lively and authentic brand that emphasises the features, ingredients, benefits and lifestyle feel of Rise Organics. Strong use of texture, colour and typography to be used throughout.       

Social Media Campaign

Creation of visual assets for a Social Media campaign to launch new product lines and increase sales. These draw on the prominent brands colours for each product and used a rustic, organic feel to enhance the branding.

Pack label range

Pack label designs, featuring strong colours and typography. Front features name of product, short intro and back features nutritional breakdown. 

rise organics packaging devon designer

A digital upgrade for Rise Organics

We helped advise Rise Organics on Social Media campaign, physical pop up stall look
and feel and details around display and presentation of products.

Pack labelling

Colour coded and individual pack labels were created for the packs, reinforcing the branding and style of the Rise Core feel.

Rise Baobab packaging

Packaging designers in Devon

The shelves in our supermarkets, farm shops and even virtual shelves on Amazon have become a battleground. One where the balance of product/produce quality, pack design and branding are equally important. A really well-designed pack can be the difference between a product flourishing and a product becoming past its best before date.

We are drawn to products that look great and despite what some may say, we mostly buy with our eyes. A well-designed pack will always win over a poorly communicated design. The importance of packaging design cannot be understated. As well as providing a vessel for the product to be housed it, it now goes further and reinforces brand message and ethos.

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