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  • Google X Has a New Logo

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    Google X Has a New Logo

    Jan 16

    google x logo

    Is it just me or does ‘Google X’ sound like a replacement for Spectre, or some another top secret evil corp set to take over the world? Maybe that’s why ‘Google X’ is now just ‘X’, although it sounds more evil and megalomaniacal doesn’t it? Just me? Anyway they have a new name and a shiny new logo to boot. Above you can see it in all its gif moving glory, using yellow and a darker shade to form the letterform.
    Business wise Google X is in fact “framing itself as Alphabet’s incubator, taking ambitious projects, taming them into viable businesses, then “graduating” them into standalone operations.”

    Apparently it’s “sharpening its focus” and “framing itself as Alphabet’s incubator.” X remains Alphabet’s moonshot factory—it’s there to evaluate ideas, build working solutions, and spin the projects out into Alphabet companies. The report says a new group inside X, called the “Foundry” is “creating tighter criteria” on when these projects get to live or die.
    Click here to view the rest of the story at recode.net


    google x logo

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