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Get more leads, sales & clients with DotGrowth

All the tools you need to capitalise on every opportunity! Lead capture, custom email newsletters, phone calls and voicemails – it’s like having your own in-house marketing department. Combined with our powerful CRM system, that will keep track of everything for you so that they don’t slip through the cracks.

  • Get more leads, sales & clients with less time. 
  • Easy to use CRM + lead capture with automations
  • Build and Send Email newsletters via Dot Growth
  • 2 way SMS and Facebook messaging 

Business Growth Method


  • Your own online Central hub to automate and communicate with your Clients
  • Database Reactivation brings lost customers back
  • Nurturing Campaigns via email or text
  • Appointment Scheduler/Calendar with Automations
  • Automated Appointment Reminders
  • 2 Way Texting, Email, Voice Mail… All in One Place
  • Google and Facebook Integration – View & respond directly from your central Hub
  • Google Reviews Booster, one click review request
  • Bulk Communication with Clients (texts, email newsletters)
  • Marketing Tracker – See Your Progress in One Place
  • Unlimited Marketing Campaigns & Automations

Grow your businesses using your existing marketing budget

DotGrowth will get you on the path to growing your business.

  • Avoid the common mistake of letting leads fall through the cracks.
  • Provide potential clients with instant personalised contact.
  • Reduce and even eliminate the amount of time spent following up with leads.
  • Double or triple the number of leads who become your clients in the next 30 days.
  • While the DotGrowth system continues to nurture and convert leads to clients, focus on your existing clients.
  • Develop an amazing reputation that makes you the go-to firm in your community!

Grow your practice exponentially faster than anything else on the market.

DotGrowth picks up where lead generation systems and marketing firms leave off.
It takes leads and turns them into clients, while you’re busy taking care of your existing clients.
The return on your marketing pounds multiplies and your firm grows!

Appointment Automation

DotGrowth’s Appointment Automation system saves you time with automated appointment scheduling and reminders. Clients can book right from your website, Google My Business page, or from a message you send them. Clients will appreciate the ease and reliability of our scheduling tools

Reputation Management

Collecting reviews from happy clients is a time-consuming but necessary process. Our automated system takes that task off your “to-do list.” In addition, every time your business receives a review anywhere across the web, you’ll know within minutes and can respond appropriately.

Unified Messaging

When you need to communicate with leads and clients, DotGrowth’s Unified Messaging makes it simple. It puts all your messaging tools in one place. Your Unified Messaging tool integrates directly with the channels of communication your clients use most. Quickly send messages via text message, email, or Facebook Messenger. Even make outbound phone calls to your clients and leads from your DotGrowth Inbox

Powerful Webchat

Add a web chat to your website, and continue a live chat via a 2-way SMS text chat, freeing the user to leave the website but continue the conversation. SMS text has a 90% open and reply rate so can be a great way to answer questions or arrange an appointment. Automations can be added to book the appointment or take details. All conversations can be carried out via the DotGrowth system hub.

Email builder and sender

Built in email template builder, create your companies emails to reflect your branding. Simple to use, drag and drop email builder has all the features you need as a business building custom emails to your needs.

Once you’ve created your email (or we can help) you can then send it out to your subscriber list. 

Complete Advanced Analytics Dashboard

Track the return on investment and Leads in a pipeline has become much easier through our advanced Dashboard. Track statistics like appointment rates, campaign effectiveness, and even response rates.

Solid CRM

DotGrowth is focused on turning leads into customers. So a powerful CRM solution important. Filter by anything you can create with custom fields, tags and access them easily. Text message or email people directly from the CRM.

Drive automations via a tag system that can give you very detailed control over your triggers and automated marketing campaigns.

The CRM can manage a number of bulk actions, saving time and energy. While still having a high level of control.


Contact Manager

Insights Dashboard

Website Chat

Google My Business Chat

Reputation Management

Appointment Automation

Reviews Widget

Lead Management

Easy Integration

Unified Messaging

Outbound Calling


Connect with industry-leading business apps. So easy to set up, you won’t need an IT department.

Savings Snapshot

Connect with industry-leading business apps. So easy to set up, you won’t need an IT department.


Other Tools

Other Tools​

Reviews / SMS / Hub 

£250/£350/ Month

SMS Communication &  Marketing


Email Marketing

£25 – £99/Month

Unlimited Sales Funnels


Basic Web Builder


Unlimited Sales Funnels


Overall Price




Trial Plan

£ 199 +vat / Per month
  • 2 Way Texting + Email
  • Google Reviews Booster
  • Google My Business Messaging
  • Webchat for Your Website
  • Email Newsletter Marketing
  • Client Reactivation
  • Calendar Integration
  • Appt. Scheduler & Reminders
  • Dashboard
  • Unlimited Campaign

Want to work with us?

We’re looking for a few select businesses who are ready to experience growth.
If you can answer “yes” to these questions, you could qualify:

  • Are you a small- to medium-sized firm?
  • Are you spending thousands of pounds each month on marketing without getting the quality leads you want?
  • Do you want an easier way to turn the pounds you’re spending on marketing into new customers?
  • Are you struggling to find time to follow up on the leads you have?
  • Do you want to get off the phone and have more time to focus on existing clients while still getting lots of new clients?
  • Do you want to grow your firm to a size you’ve only dreamed of?