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  • Dot Design featured on Channel Five's 'The Gadget Show' – Twitter Story

    Design in General

    Dot Design featured on Channel Five's 'The Gadget Show' – Twitter Story

    May 06

    Ok, to be fair it was only for a second!
    You can see the Dot Design Twitter icon and message I sent to Jason Bradbury about 1.46 minutes into the episode aired on Channel Five using the link below.
    Link to the whole episode here:
    So there’s my 15 milliseconds of fame!

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    Congratulations on your fame! I like the Gadget show but have to admit I didn’t notice you on there… My claim to fame is that I feature briefly in the ‘Faith No More live at Brixton Academy’ concert video – the camera sweeps across the crowd and I am visible for 1 frame (1/30th of a second)…
    Pauls last blog post..Kent coast


    I would definitely blog about it, but unfortunately didn’t manage to actually capture the show.
    It was before the days when everyone had media and shows on the Internet and you could rewatch it on youtube or the bbc website or something.


    Any publicity is good publicity right? Maybe not in this case 🙂
    You should dig it out of the archives Amanda and stick on your website!


    Cool 🙂 Want to hear a funny story?
    About five years ago I think it was. I was watching Crimewatch and they were talking about fraud and how criminals can get designers to recreate official documents and logos for them very easily.
    Then quite randomly they pointed to my website on the screen as an ‘example’ of the sort of online business that could help fraudsters commit their crimes!!
    Can you believe it … lol… I was going to complain to the BBC about their utter stupidy/thoughtlessness, but then decided I couldn’t really be bothered 🙂
    The Media can be great, it can also be thoughtless and stupid.

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