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  • Category Archives for "Technology"

    Nov 03

    iThermostat – shaking up the home heating world…

    | Technology

    So what does the designer of the original iPod do years after shaking up the music world? Well shake up the home heating world of course! Tony Fadell and the people at Nest have re-inventioned the humble thermostat. It ‘learns’ your heating habits, what temperature you choose for what time of day and also actively […]

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    Sep 09

    The future of screen technology

    | Technology

    Spotted this video over on the SwissMiss blog which shows how stretchable transparent screens, e-ink displays and touch screen technology could be integrated into our lives in the future. It’s a video produced as a result of TAT’s Open Innovation experiment it shows great potential for these technologies in environments such as the bathroom and […]

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