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By Gareth Coxon, April 18, 2018

Couple of months ago we had the pleasure of working with social network ‘OurNet’ to create a new identity for them.

From Carl Munson, ‘Town Crier’ & Community Builder at OurNet:
“OurNet is a social network that will help communities connect more easily, respectfully and effectively. It’s been nearly 15 years in development as the brainchild of visionary CEO Michael Brodie. We are putting the values of the ‘virtual village’ into the scale of the world wide web. We think the time is right for an online tool that serves the ‘we’, recognising the power of working together as empowered groups, now that people are tiring of the ‘i’-centric and corporate approaches that have characterised social media’s early years.”

You can find out more, and sign up for updates, at:


Based on the brief we initially put together some mood boards to get a feel for possible styles, look and feel, colour palettes and tastes for the project.



Branding Designer Identity Ournet Moodboard

Ournet Logo Design Moodboard

Logo Desig Identity Ournet Moodboard

Brand Design Ournet Moodboard

Ournet Logo MoodboardDesigner Identity Ournet Moodboard Identity Ournet Moodboard

Ournet Moodboard

Logo Designer Identity Ournet Moodboard
From the moodboarding stage came feedback and more clarity on what to focus on in terms of style and feel.
Based on this and the brief we created some initial concepts…


Initial concepts


Concept 1

Based around the idea of connecting and connections, bright and simple identity which could work well on other marketing materials as a theme.

Logo Designer Concepts 1 Ournet

Logo Design Concepts 1 Ournet


Concept 2

Simple and colourful theme using coloured dots again these could be used on other materials to build up an identity.

Logo Designe Concepts 3 Ournet

Brand Designer Concepts 2 Ournet


Concept 3

Similar theme but more abstract, suggesting a hub or focus, with people circling around it, logo could be animated.

Logo Designer Concepts 2 Ournet Logo Design Concepts 2 Ournet


Concept 4

This would be adaptive and change on different items/materials. The photo usage for the ‘O’ could be anything and could be themed to tie in with the values identified… everyday, socially aware, inclusive, responsible, aware of the bigger picture etc. Adaptable for different days of the year or events going on, ala Google logo.

Logo Designer Concepts 3 Ournet

Logo DesignConcepts 1 Ournet

Branding Designer Concepts 1 Ournet

After some discussion, refinements based on feedback the final logo..


Ournet 480px


Business Cards:


From Michael Brodie, CEO and Founder of OurNet:

“We were looking for a fresh, new look to suit our move to Lisbon, Portugal. Gareth has certainly come up with that and we enjoyed working with him throughout the design process. We especially value Dot Design’s easy-going, yet professional approach, which for us, has delivered a very pleasing and appropriate result.”Me:




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