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We excel at social media, we keep up with the technology behind it and also the current social media trends. 
Fluent in all things ‘hashtag’ and ‘viral’, we know our ‘mash-ups’ from our ‘memes’ and our ‘trending’ from our ‘tag clouds’. All meaning you don’t have to.

Using social media and keeping your various platforms active takes time and thought. Consistently posting updates on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter 4 or 5 times per day or more takes time away from other parts of your business. Building a social presence takes time, energy and a great deal of patience, there’s no quick wins unfortunately..

We can handle all of this for you giving you time back to work on other areas of your business. We consistently post when you are on holiday or off ill, also posting when you are in meetings or other business activities that eat up the day. We handle the problems of ‘What do I post?’ let us  do the time consuming work of posting four or five times each day with thoughtful content that helps build your brand and sell your business.

To give you peace of mind we schedule all your posts a week ahead in a very powerful control panel that means you can edit and review the content we give you, ahead of it being posted. This means no surprises.

Not only that but you can add in your own posts and updates as well, also monitoring your social media campaign statistics.
Be assured it simple and easy to use, and you don’t even have to use the platform if you’d rather not, just leave it to us.

Check out the free demo via the button below to see for yourself…

At Dot Social we’ll make sure your social media feeds are busy and buzzing with activity. We’ll inform people about your business and promote your brand, at the same time keeping it fun (if this is appropriate). We produce daily engaging social content about your business and your business industry, we also research and tweet (or post) tips, facts, trivia to kept mix varied. We initially profile your business to make sure that the information we use is the perfect mix to promote and raise your presence.

If a part of the package you select we will also create bespoke images and schedule them to go out via your provided online control panel. Imagery keeps your pages looking visually interesting, adds a layer of viral marketing and is also proven to increase engage. If you find you haven’t got enough of your own images, we can supply royalty free stock images that suit your business and content .

Remember that you are able to post as well! We really do encourage our clients to mix it up and post as little or as often as they like, this might be with new promotions of just things we can’t. For example you can add in breaking company news, what new contracts have you taken on today? New member of staff? Just log in and schedule the items in the easy to use control panel.

The user friendly control panel gives you a break down and full selection of graphs, statistics and charts that mean you to see the benefits and engagement of your social media campaign. You can find out much more about the benefits of consistently using social media for business here.