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Yuju Identity Design

By Gareth Coxon, July 12, 2011

We recently worked on the identity design for online fashion and costume jewellery company yuju.
The client required a simple, friendly logo that made full use of the rounded nature of the letter forms.

We worked on extending and looping the letter forms creating a joined up stream also used in a repeat pattern for packaging and wrap sheets. (more…)

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Design Book Review – Hand Job : A Catalog of Type by Michael Perry

By Gareth Coxon, September 3, 2008

This is the first in a monthly series of design book reviews, where I’ll cover the books that really are inspiring to me or are just a great design resource. The books I’ll be covering will range in subjects from graphic design through to arts related books.

Hand Job : A Catalog of Type by Michael Perry

The Blurb:
In this digital age of computer-generated graphics and technology, it’s refreshing to see a small subset of typographers who still believe in working by hand. and as the popularity of hand-drawn type continue to grow, it is now time to explore and celebrate the work of those typographers whose every letter is a work of (more…)

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BTEC First for Science – ldentity / Logo Design

By Gareth Coxon, August 22, 2008

Earlier this year we worked on the logo design for BTEC First for Science which is an educational scheme for teachers that has been set up for their Science BTEC National needs. As part of this service teachers and schools will be supplied with all the materials needed to run the Edexcel Science BTEC.

The logo needed to (more…)

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I'm A Scientist Event and Website Launch

By Gareth Coxon, June 11, 2008

I’m a Scientist, the event that gets young people and scientists talking launched this week.

Dot Design worked with Gallomanor to produce the identity design, website design, teacher work sheets design, debate cards and other items for this event. We will be posting more images of the design material we produced for this event in our portfolio (more…)

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