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FoodJam – Identity Design

By Gareth Coxon, May 2, 2012

FoodJam Logo Design

Late last year we started work on the identity design for ‘FoodJam’ a brand new recipe website.
Here’s abit more about them and also the development and design process behind the identity you see above.

About FoodJam
FoodJam is a recipe website that loves and covets good food, the more diverse the better.  We provide a place where foodies can delight in food – from jerk chicken to coq au vin.. Our aim is to simply be the number 1 recipe website for discerning foodies. And it’s free too…!

Because we respect our food, we also support respectful food producers and related services, and this is reflected in every aspect of our business, especially in our affiliations.  We also respect our customers and as such operate fairly and honestly in all our dealings:  unlike many other recipe websites, we don’t take the copyright for recipes when they are uploaded as can be seen in our terms and conditions. (more…)

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Gopher Science Labs – Logo Design

By Gareth Coxon, March 29, 2012

We had alot of fun with this logo design project for Gopher Science Lab. The brief was to design a character based logo with Gophers dressed as Scientists (guess the clue was in the title) and overall communicate fun and scientific theme with the main audience being 8 year old school children.

Here’s some more information about the Gopher Science Lab events…

“The Biochemical Society and the Society of Biology have teamed up to create Gopher Science Lab, an exciting, FREE, hands-on event designed especially for inquisitive primary age children who ask lots of questions. During the events, children participate in lots of science activities and are given opportunities to ask demonstrators tricky questions about the science behind the fun. Demonstrators explain tricky concepts like density and convection using house-hold items such as tea-bags, balloons and eggs. Familiar analogies and simple language aim to encourage learners’ curiosity and reduce the seven signs of bamboozlement!” (more…)

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CaSE – Campaign for Science and Engineering – Brand Identity Design

By Gareth Coxon, March 21, 2012

CaSE Logo Design

We recently had the pleasure of working with CaSE – Campaign for Science and Engineering on a completely new brand identity. As well as the brand identity we are also currently working on stationery, newsletter design and exhibition pop up as well as other materials.

More about The Campaign for Science & Engineering
The Campaign for Science & Engineering (CaSE) is the leading independent advocate for science and engineering in the UK.

Their mission is to raise the political profile of science and engineering. CaSE passionately believe in the economic and cultural importance of scientific and technological education and development, and the vital need for the funding of this research by Government and industry. (more…)

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Clickwork Media – Brand Identity Design Process

By Gareth Coxon, February 22, 2012



We had the pleasure of working with Clickwork Media an SEO company late last year when they approached us to work on a new identity design for their company. Gareth Mailer owner of Clickwork Media wanted a fresh new identity that properly reflected his growing company.

About Clickwork Media

Clickwork Media provide SEO solutions to clients up and down the UK. They tailor to a demand: a demand for professional SEO Services at affordable prices. They are not naive, knowing they are far from being the only SEO Company on the block. However, they also know they’re different – and so too do their clients. Clickwork Media’s approach is centred around results; they create results driven SEO Campaigns and solutions for business owners. (more…)

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Pinche Pinche Mexican Restaurant – Brand Identity

By Gareth Coxon, September 15, 2011



It doesn’t get much tastier (well for us at least) than getting your teeth into a new brand identity project. Add into the mix that it’s the development of the branding for a new Leeds based mexican restaurant Pinche Pinche and we were salivating.

We were invited by Brian Hawkins (Commercial Interior Designer at Casabella Designs ) to quote for the design work. Brian was overseeing various elements of the project in it’s initial stages and a new brand identity, signage design and printed menus were needed.

More about Pinche Pinche

Pinche Pinche is the brainchild of owner/head chef, Simon Heath. After spending a year working in Mexico City and living next door to a Taqueria, Simon was completely smitten by their tacos and was determined to bring the joys of Mexican street food to good ol’ Leeds when he returned to the UK.

Pinche Pinche is a relaxed and fun restaurant with prices designed to please your pocket. All our food is freshly prepared using authentic Mexican ingredients wherever possible. With our inspiration drawn from the street food that is eaten every day throughout Mexico, this is food that is designed to be eaten with your hands so don’t be shy – get stuck in!” (more…)

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Identity Design Process – Dyplanix

By Gareth Coxon, July 24, 2011





Late last year Dot Design undertook a project with Dyplanix in creating a new identity design and supporting icon.
The briefing process showed that a simple typographic response was called for, highlighting the idea of progression, development and a journey of growth.

Dyplanix specialises in business planning and business development – helping enterprises get organised and structured by creating a realistic and profitable route map for business growth. Having a clear vision and direction for your business will allow you and your team to approach the future with confidence and realise your goals by making the right decisions.

Dyplanix has been live for 2 years and in that time have provided planning, development, tender-writing and mentoring services for clients in a wide variety of industry segments including software development, legal, graphic design, digital content licencing, electronics, recruitment agents and even a masseuse! Dyplanix are based in Devon and work with clients in the UK and overseas. (more…)

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Brand Identity Design Process – Progressive Legal

By Gareth Coxon, February 6, 2011

Progressive Legal have been providing training to the Legal Profession since 1995. The business started from the  Managing Directors house  and now employs 14 members of staff working out of their Head Offices in Keynsham, Bristol.

Progressive Legal work with over 25 Tutors and over 26 Course Co-ordinators. They provide a high quality service to their clients and constantly research, monitor legal issues to enable them to provide courses which are current, relevant and delivered in an efficient and enthusiastic manner. Their priority is to provide cost effective high quality training.

When Dot Design initially talked through the project brief it was clear that this was to be an evolution of the existing brand identity design. Progressive Legal wanted to retain certain graphic elements such as use of blues and exploration of the original ‘P’ arrow device as seen below. The client was also keen to use the sky imagery that had been put in place in previous material to build on it’s existing brand image rather than starting a fresh. You can see the literature design at the bottom of this post. (more…)

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Logo Design Process – Eco Vehicle Leasing

By Gareth Coxon, January 4, 2011

Eco Vehicle Leasing provide low emission vehicles that save it’s customers money and help reduce their carbon footprint.

“Car travel is the world’s single biggest contributor to personal CO2 emissions.  Eco Vehicle Leasing are committed to lowering CO2 emissions and reducing carbon footprints.

Many people want to reduce their carbon footprints in every area of life, and that includes the type of car they buy. Green cars, of which there are many, are now more affordable, they have amazing fuel economy and therefore are cheaper to run, Hybrids are London Congestion Zone exempt and Green Cars are often cheaper to insure! ” (more…)

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