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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

By Gareth Coxon, November 21, 2014

Sainsbury's Christmas Advert

Move over Santa Claus because Christmas is now being judged by what adverts we’re watching on the TV. For 11 months of the year, adverts are mercilessly whizzed through thanks to the invention of sky+ and tivo but between November and December they become more important than the tv shows they cushion.

And that’s because they talk to us as a human. They tell stories, they tap in to what an emotional time Christmas can be for a lot of people. Not to mention that they give us an insight to the perfect Christmas where there are no rows, no mess, family and friends are all united, essentially a Christmas we all crave and very few of us achieve. But let’s not pretend that the big brands who produce these adverts do so because they are interested in the lives and loves of the viewers. Christmas sales make up the lion share of the yearly profits. If people aren’t spending in your store at Christmas then you’ve no hope for the rest of the year. So the effort they put in to making sure that they produce an ad to remember and more importantly, an ad that will get people talking makes all the difference.


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Have Mulberry Won Christmas?

By Gareth Coxon, November 13, 2014


My favourite Christmas ad so far.

Mulberry are using the hashtag #WinChristmas for their campaign, they just might have.


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New campaign matches Tinder users with sex trafficking victims

By Gareth Coxon, November 10, 2014

The campaign asks users to swipe left on sex trafficking.


Powerful use of Tinder to highlight sex trafficking problem, clever how they’ve used it as part of the app function. Certainly memorable.

Although it seems to have raised questions as to whether “it’s there’s an implication that sex trafficking is taking place on Tinder”. I can see their point.

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Drunks Turned Into Human Adverts…

By Gareth Coxon, June 8, 2014

nomisugiPhoto Credit:  Yaocho Bar Group


We all know that there’s a problem with binge drinking in the UK. City centres on a Friday and Saturday night have become no-go zones unless you relish stepping over half eaten kebabs and playing dodge the drunk.

However, in Japan they take binge drinking to another level. On a typical weekend the streets are littered with sleeping people, and this isn’t because they are homeless but because they aren’t aware of their limits when it comes to alcohol. A social problem that has already got its own Facebook page dedicated to it.

But one company has seemingly found a genius way of cashing in on this anti-social behaviour, by turning drunks who have passed out on the streets in to human billboards that promote a campaign against excessive drinking.

The Yaocho Bar Group (oh the irony) who are reportedly behind this social awareness campaign aimed at reducing dangerous drinking practices in Japan are said to be fed up with sleeping drunks being classed as normal behaviour on Tokyo streets. (more…)

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Promoted Tweets: what are they and how can they benefit my business?

By Gareth Coxon, January 11, 2014


A few months back Twitter announced that their ‘promoted tweets’ advertising platform is now open to small to medium sized businesses here in the UK, as well as in Ireland and Canada. Until this month, Twitter’s paid advertising platform was only accessible to huge brands who have been using promoted tweets to advertise for years.

Many small to medium sized business owners were thrilled to hear that they will now have the opportunity to advertise on the huge social media platform. Twitter’s popularity continues to grow by the day, making it a highly sought after place to advertise. As of July this year, there were more than 500 million Twitter users, with an average of 135,000 new accounts created each and every day. (more…)

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Lighter On London : Laser Murals

By Gareth Coxon, December 21, 2010

A smart and unique promotional video for Green Tomato Cars created by Dentsu London.

Using a camera and computer graphics from a laser as it moves over surfaces, these are then projected onto the building.

“Greentomatocars is London’s largest environmentally friendly taxi service. It’s an inventive brand full of optimism, charm, energy and integrity, and we wanted to make a film that embodied these values in its content, tone and methods.” (more…)

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New eyebrow dancing Cadbury's advert

By Gareth Coxon, January 23, 2009

The new advert for Cadbury’s much in the same vein as the Gorilla advert, in that its nothing to do with the product but creates a memorable and funny talking point.

Put together by Fallon who also produced the Gorilla and Trucks adverts for Cadbury’s, this is a worthy edition to them, good fun and of course including the must have 80’s track!

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Blue Monday? This viral advert for T-Mobile might cheer you up!

By Gareth Coxon, January 19, 2009

Today (Monday 19th Jan) is supposed to be Blue Monday.

The date was calculated by using many factors, including: weather conditions, debt level (the difference between debt accumulated and our ability to pay), time since Christmas, time since failing our new year’s resolutions, low motivational levels and feeling of a need to take action.

But I thought this might cheer you up if you are feeling a little blue waiting for spring.

This video above was filmed 15th January 2009 at Liverpool Street Station in London, a viral advert for T-Mobile, it certainly put a smile on my face and no doubt gained alot of publicity for T-Mobile too!

Go on have a little dance!

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