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Brand redesign for Channel 5

By Gareth Coxon, February 9, 2016

Channel 5’s new brand redesign did a rare thing, made me smile. I’m not saying I don’t smile much (other people’s views may vary) but in terms of design it’s an increasingly rare thing these days. But the above playful little animation did just that.

In fact the new branding seems a real shift for 5 and a successful one. (more…)

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Uber logo and branding receives a nip, tuck and refinement

By Gareth Coxon, February 2, 2016


New year and a new look for the Uber logo. Their main logo receives a nick and tuck, with spacing reduced, letters thickened and refined. Bringing the letters closer together and thickening them up makes complete sense, it means it’s more easily read and identified at smaller sizes.


“The first thing you’ll notice is that our logotype is at once more grounded and elevated. Some might say it’s less fussy (in part because we have cut the curls, our 1990s hairstyle). This will help you see Uber from afar, and when it’s in small places. It also reflects a more substantial look as we too have matured as a company.”



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New website and identity design for Green Man Festival

By Gareth Coxon, February 1, 2016



A refreshingly fun new identity design and website for the Wales based GreenMan Festival has surfaced. Strange characters mix well with the ‘jiggly’ letterforms of the identity itself. There’s lots to take in over at their new website. The colour palette is quite unusual but works brilliantly with dotted background patterns and contrasting colours. Simple iconography highlights areas of the festival and mixes well with weird characters that are sure to work well on merchandise and other materials. (more…)

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3D Printed Humans?

By Gareth Coxon, January 31, 2016


Always been partial to a Chemical Brothers album or two. Having tracked their career since their debut album ‘Exit Planet Dust’ back in 1995. They’ve always manage to stay fresh, musically and visually relevant.

Their latest video illustrates they’re still pushing boundaries and ideas, with a dancer seemly slowing transforming into a 3D printed version of herself. The transformation happens slowly limb by limb, with a beating heart showing beneath a cage like torso. The track itself is sung by Beck etc another of the their collaborations with well-known and respected singers. (more…)

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Nonô – the gift of identity design

By Gareth Coxon, January 30, 2016



Nice little story and identity design here. One of the partners at Pentagram gave the owner of a Beach stall in Rio a gift, the gift of design. Pentagram designed Nonô (the name of the owner) it’s new identity. One of the partners/designers at Pentagram has a house that over looks the beach where Nonô and his family had his business. They had always admired how hard they worked and how well kept the beach was. (more…)

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Enel has a powerful new company identity

By Gareth Coxon, January 28, 2016





Rome based energy company Enel have just unveiled their new company identity, branding and website created by Wolff Olins.

The new identity uses cursors to communicate energy movements. Whilst this works very in animated form it’s less successful in static logo form, always difficult to convey movement in logo without moving parts.

Overall it works well, and when the identity translates to video and moving image it comes into it’s own, really giving a sense of power and energy integral to the company and brand message. (more…)

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A Typeface That Changes Like a Memory

By Gareth Coxon, January 27, 2016


A very interesting project caught my eye this week. The concept of memory and how it’s not a solid thing but more of a shifting fluid idea overtime. This idea has been reflected in a new typeface created by designers Ryan Bugden and Michelle Wainer. Called ‘Memoire’ the typeface changes during use, so slightly different variations can be used in print and digitally it slowly morphs and slightly thickens and rounds the letterforms.


“It’s hard to see the changes at first. The sharpness of the serifs softens almost imperceptibly with every use. On the first page, edges are knife-like; by the last, they are almost friendly in their roundness. “The experience we had in mind was very subtle, something you feel before you notice,” Bugden says.”

Find out more over at






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Brand evolution for Alaska Airlines

By Gareth Coxon, January 26, 2016



Like many of the large airlines, ‘Alaska’ has recently opted for a refinement of its existing identity and branding rather than a completely new concept. Deciding to build on what they have with this brand evolution is a smart move as they are one of the lesser known airlines operating around the world.

The designer opted to smooth out and simplify the rough lines of the previous logo and the Eskimo face illustration that features on their planes tail and other materials. (more…)

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Utopia 2016 – identity design with smileys

By Gareth Coxon, January 25, 2016


In terms of design this new identity design for Somerset House’s ‘Utopia 2016’  is quite bold move. It features rave smileys, magenta, yellow clash together and a new alien type alphabet is created.  Utopia 2016 is “a Year of Imagination and Possibility celebrates the 500th anniversary of Thomas More’s inspirational text. A year of artists, designers, provocateurs and thinkers experimenting with ways we might live, make, work and play.” (more…)

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“All-seeing owl” – new brand identity for SearchFlow

By Gareth Coxon, January 23, 2016



New identity for SearchFlow sees the use of an illustrated owl with magnifying glasses for eyes, reflecting the nature of their business.
SearchFlow is the market-leading provider of conveyancing search solutions.

I really do like this brand identity solution and the fun had with the owl icon which seems to be slightly adapted to be used through out marketing material, as seen below. (more…)

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